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This website from Las Vegas provides educational and informational material covering the medicine plant (cannabis) known around the world for many thousands of years. Commonly called medical cannabis and medical marijuana. This website exists for the purpose of promoting this specific medicine plant awareness and knowledge.

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Cannabis products are manufactured for differing medical versus recreational outcomes from the same one living organism. This flowering plant occurs in nature around the world in the Cannabaceae family and for tens of thousands of years has been recognized for medicinal properties.

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Explore the reasons why legal cannabis usage for medical purposes has faced relatively limited acceptance in Nevada in the minority communities:

Carmen F. Jones, MD -- Las Vegas, NV

Get a Medical Doctor’s Perspective & Recommendations about Medicinal Cannabis for You

Here’s how to get a medical doctor’s perspective and recommendations about the medicine plant: Get in touch with Wildflower Medical Consultants in Las Vegas. Make an appointment to discuss the medicine plant with a medical doctor.

Wildflower Medical Consultants

You can listen to Carmen Jones, MD from Wildflower Medical Consultants in this podcast:

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