About Dr. Woody

Contemporary sales-oriented interpersonal communication skills can be yours today that are effective in making sales of cannabis products particularly to people who are age 50 and older.

Dr. Woody GoulartConsider accessing the cannabis sales and customer service coaching offered by certified professional coach and trainer, Woody Goulart (pictured). He lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He’s earned his doctoral degree in communications from Indiana University Bloomington. That’s why he is called Dr. Woody.

He also  earned his master’s degree in communications from Humboldt State University. He lived and worked in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle, the largest cannabis-producing region in the United States.

He’s got years of experience teaching and training adults at the university level online and in classrooms. But don’t mistake Woody as someone who favors book learning or old-fashioned methods like spending time in classrooms. No way!

Woody approaches the subject of coaching and training people for cannabis product sales based on solid real-life experience together with his professional background in adapting communications sales conversations to all generations of customers.  

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He is of the Baby Boom generation—born in the middle of the 20th century—and he uses marijuana products legally today in Nevada. He’s experienced with using CBD (cannabidiol) under the tongue, in pill and capsule form, in vaping, and also in cream and lotion form rubbed into skin for relieving pain. He also use today’s emerging blends of CBD plus THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) for the “entourage effect” derived when these two cannabis ingredients are combined for relieving chronic pain and smoothing out other natural physical and mental outcomes that happen to all of us as we grow older.

As a young adult during the 1970s, Woody first experienced cannabis when he lived in the largest cannabis-producing region in the United States (Northern California’s Emerald Triangle.) He learned through experience about classic methods of cannabis consumption—smoking joints, using bongs, and in edible form in cookies and brownies.

He’s completed a variety of essential educational and skill-building training: Dispensary Staff & Patient Consulting training in Las Vegas and the Nevada Dispensary Association’s Dispensary Agent Training to comply with Nevada NRS 453 cannabis training and employment requirements. He’s also earned certification within Budtender Fight Club Las Vegas Cannabis Education Training.

Woody’s professional background in the practices of professional sales in the United States helps him to stand out from others who do sales coaching and training.

He mastered consultative sales strategies and tactics while employed by the prestigious Washington, DC consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton and he provided professional services using consultative sales approaches to cabinet-level agencies such as the Defense Department and the Justice Department.

He also has cold-calling direct sales experience from his career in the radio broadcasting industry.

Woody also worked for a decade in Washington, DC at the national headquarters of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) where he sharpened his wide-ranging professional skills in adapting communications to be persuasive across the generations. He created and managed the nonprofit advocacy organization’s first public blog and served as a ghost blogger for executives. His strategic communications leadership function at AARP included online reputation management responsibilities using social media. From this particular employment experience, Woody learned what’s what when it comes to adapting communications and sales successfully to work with any generation in our culture today.