Medicine Plant Network invites you to invites you to a reciprocal arrangement in which you post our content and we post yours. It’s so simple!



Here’s our introductory offer that will cost you no money at all: We will agree to a direct trade with you to showcase your Blog Post, Banner Ad, Brand / Logo, Text Link, Coupon, Website Name/URL, Videos, Podcasts, and Social Media Link to appear on our three cannabis-related websites, Medicine Plant Network, Dr. Woody Cannabis Coaching and Buzz Envy Vegas.

All you have to do to get started is copy this image below and paste it on your website with a link back to BUZZ ENVY VEGAS (dot) COM:

reciprocal advertisement

You can ask us to post your content on our sites in direct exchange for you posting our content on your sites.
After you post the above advertisement on your site, we will give you the direct equivalent here on our website pages of what you give us on your site: We publish your blog post; you publish our blog post. We embed your video; you embed ours. We display your advertisement; you display ours. So very simple!



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