Free Sponsorship of Our Online Cannabis Learning Webinar

Your business can benefit from entering into a reciprocal exchange for marketing and promotion using your existing marketing methods for our free online webinar (watch it here). As shown in this actual webinar, we will give you product placement within the slides and the narration of our webinar.
All you need to do is market and promote our webinar to your customers through your existing email list, website, and social media accounts. This is 100% free for you in exchange for your marketing and promoting our webinar. Check out this actual webinar (watch it here) so you can see exactly how the product placement for your organization or business can look within the slides and the narration of our webinar.
Exclusive sponsorship is available to one organization or business only. Don’t allow a competitor of yours to claim the advantage of exclusive sponsorship of our webinar.


Contact us immediately and let us know what we can do to help you get started reaching a large demographic group in the United States by your free sponsorship of our online webinar:

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