Mind Research and Development (mindrnd) offers a very smart and safe choice just when we all need it the most. Shop for and buy legal cannabis products from home and your order will be delivered directly to you.

Cannabis is medicine. Yet people like us at age 50 and above easily can see that most of the cannabis industry is deliberately aiming for recreational users younger than us.

Using Mind Research and Development (mindrnd) instead of going out shopping face-to-face in person for cannabis products can spare you the hassles of dealing with the bias that favors younger generations.

Using mindrnd instead (see below) will bring you a relaxed, respectful, and welcoming attitude for people age 50 plus like us. Shopping from home is a very desirable alternative to going out to shop  for cannabis products in person in a world which emphasizes youth.

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Medical Cannabis for Grownups

Pain | Cannabis is Help

It’s relief that comes naturally. Medical cannabis can alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life for adults with chronic pain conditions. Research shows that medical cannabis is safe and effective alternative therapy for chronic pain conditions , including arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and more. See several options in pain relief products. Also consider orally consumed concentrated tablets.

Insomnia | Cannabis is Calming

It’s respite for the body. Medical cannabis can offer relief and relaxation to adults suffering from certain conditions of Insomnia. Evidence proves that medical cannabis will improve short term sleep outcomes in individuals with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and multiple sclerosis. See several options in products to help you get restful sleep. Also consider orally consumed concentrated tablets.

Mental Health | Cannabis is Recovery

It’s therapy we understand. Medical cannabis will relieve the symptoms of all mental health conditions in humans. There is strong evidence showing effectiveness of medical cannabis in relieving symptoms of anxiety disorders, depression and other mental health conditions. See several options in products to target mental health. Also consider orally consumed concentrated tablets.

Chemo Nausea | Cannabis is Therapy

It’s settling for the system. Medical cannabis can provide various benefits to patients undergoing chemotherapy. Evidence has shown medical cannabis can be effective in the management of actor symptoms like chemo-induced nausea, appetite stimulation or an episode of breakthrough pain. See options in products for therapy. Also consider orally consumed concentrated tablets.


When you are ready to buy from mindrnd, if you have questions about what purchase may be best for your individual situation, you can send email to Woody Goulart, PhD for his guidance.

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