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Woody Goulart says: I have set up a limited liability company (LLC) within which I work providing coaching and consulting to you. The company name is B COM LLC, which stands for Buzz COMmunity. Since 2015 this company has been legally licensed and operating full-time both in the City of Las Vegas and the State of Nevada.


Legal Business Name B COM LLC — stands for Buzz COMmunity — is a Nevada business dedicated to coaching, mentoring, and consulting individuals who want buzz in their lives. This can mean both creating a positive excitement and a positive rush or feeling.
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Buzz Community Online
Buzz Power
Coach Woody Goulart
Dr. Woody Cannabis Coaching
Las Vegas Coaching
Medicine Plant Network
Vegas Neon Fun Zone
Business Email bcomvegas@outlook.com
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1930 Village Center Circle Suite #3916, Las Vegas, NV 89134-6299

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