For only $10 you get instant access to full awareness coaching prepared for you by Dr. Woody Goulart to help you to become a savvy cannabis consumer. The boost in confidence you gain from this full awareness coaching will guide you to make informed decisions about today’s uses of cannabis products for medical purposes.
Make no mistake about it. No matter what you have may have heard or seen to the contrary: The genuine truth today is particular cannabis products actually do work to reduce your pain and suffering.
Order this full awareness coaching below for only $10.
Once your payment is processed, you will get instant access to the full awareness coaching delivered to the device you are using right now to view this page.
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Optional One-to-One Tutoring Service

Click on the “I want this!” button to select this added-value personalized tutoring for $75.
You get two weeks of real-time, one-to-one tutoring and guidance provided to you by Dr. Woody Goulart by phone/Skype/Facebook Messenger. $75 price includes instant access to the same full awareness coaching described above.
AARP members only get one addition week of personalized tutoring with Dr. Woody Goulart at no added cost for a total of three weeks tutoring.

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