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Medicine Plant known worldwide for thousands of years

Medicine Plant to which this website refers is cannabis. In the United States the commonly used phrase is medical marijuana or medical cannabis. This website exists for the purpose of promoting this specific medicine plant awareness and knowledge.

Cannabis products are manufactured for differing recreational versus medical outcomes from the same one living organism. This flowering plant occurs in nature around the world in the Cannabaceae family and for thousands of years has been recognized for medicinal properties. See an objective, contemporary view of the medical applications of cannabis on WebMD.

Stay informed and aware by reading the latest news and updated information about the medicine plant.


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Why There is a Need for This Site

Woody Goulart and his company B Com LLC (which stands for Buzz Community) have made change to a standard business model in the cannabis industry. He has a doctoral degree in communications and employment experience as a full-time university professor. Then, Goulart spent 20 years in Washington, DC social advocacy and consulting before relocating to Las Vegas in 2012 to offer professional business coaching services through his company. Goulart’s efforts are focused directly upon boosting consumer savvy and dispensary employees’ sales and communication skills within the American cannabis sector.
He explains, “I feel many people can benefit from a culture change. Those who sell cannabis learning today typically charge people money before they can even get access to look at the educational and coaching materials. This puts the consumer at an immediate financial disadvantage. Anyone who seeks such educational coaching should have a way to determine whether what’s being sold to them will be of particular value before they spend their money on it. I decided to disrupt the accepted business model in the American cannabis sector by instead making introductory cannabis learning at no cost and easily available so they can then decide if they want to get further coaching and guidance. This is the equivalent of a no-cost ‘test drive’ of cannabis learning.”
Of course, paying for something versus getting it at no cost is completely separate from the value you may receive. But if you pay for cannabis learning and then discover the knowledge isn’t exactly what you can put to use in your life, you will discover you have wasted both your time and your money.
Goulart says, “We all know someone who has spent money on education and training but afterwards did not achieve the success they expected would follow. They ended up with no return on their investment. My alternative approach is to offer no-cost guidance and coaching to introduce people to essential new skills in buying, selling, and using cannabis. I unveil little-known strategies and tactics in today’s United States cannabis sector to empower and safeguard consumers against anyone who may attempt to exploit them. By that I simply mean we may have already felt the impact of cannabis exploiters when we walk into a dispensary and feel the very clear imbalance of power against us created by confusing jargon, plant science abbreviations, and frequently conflicting claims of medical outcomes.”


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Look at the latest works in CANNABIS ART by Las Vegas digital artist Woody Goulart.

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